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A recently incorporated company, CO&MA was set up as a partner company of SIS.MA Srl, which has been operating for a number of years in the field of marking, coding, labelling, identification and control.

CO&MA can, therefore, count on the twenty-year experience of a team expert in the field of marking, offering its services as a reliable and competent partner. Its proactive consultancy and collaboration approach with the reference market involves an analysis of the specific needs of single companies for the choice and installation of suitable equipment, besides specialised technical support for the implementation of systems and maintenance.

The main site in Casalecchio di Reno is equipped to make samples, but the company is able to carry out demo installations in the field. Specifically, CO&MA was created to exploit the advantages of the laser marker, thanks to the collaboration with the Anglo-Spanish company ABMARK - leader in the production of industrial laser systems for marking, engraving, cutting and drilling - of which it is the exclusive seller for Italy. As confirmation of its credibility gained in the field, moreover, it is already extending its portfolio with the offer of high-resolution inkjet printers.

co&ma laser-making


ABMARK Laser with AbMarca software

Optimised contrast for improved readability; resistance to abrasion, high temperatures and UV rays; rapidity and efficiency with the possibility of printing up to 1,000 characters per second… These are just some of the advantages guaranteed by laser marking, the technology appreciated by medium and large-sized enterprises. The ABMARK laser range, which CO&MA offers exclusively, is one of the most complete on the market, thanks to the CO² and fibre optics versions available at different powers (also above 100W) and the new hybrid DPSS, Verde and UV laser systems, also available in different power scales.

The price list also includes all-in-one versions, which have the body and management electronics on a single chassis. The jewel in the crown of ABMARK’s offer is the powerful AbMarca management software, which fully meets the needs of an increasingly “4.0” world, thanks to a number of functionalities optimised for the laser, such as complete support for 1D and 2 barcodes, and the tracing tool for converting bitmap images into vector and 3D graphics.


abmark ab-c series

NC-510: customized packages with ink jet

180 dpi resolution; the number of points: 510; print height: 72.8 mm; print speed up to 30 m/min; drop dimension: 80pl; binary printing; ink recovery system. These, in brief, are the main characteristics of the NC-510ink jet printer, offered by Co&ma for printing high-definition images, texts, logos, dates, barcodes and any other information on porous or semi-porous surfaces withNC510 Ink jet Rossoil-based inks and on non-absorbing surfaces with UV ink or solvent. Equipped with a high number of interfaces, it can be easily integrated in any production line and connected to scales, scanners, LAN, BCD…

Thanks to the SINK system, discharge operations occur without wasting ink, which is recovered, reducing consumption even by 50%. The complete modularity of the system is guaranteed by the new integrated NetCoder technology. The console with 12” colour display and touch screen - with which to command up to four print heads simultaneously - as well as the IconTouch interface, facilitate programming and use. The software makes it possible to code products with a wide range of variable fields.

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