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Automation Address has been operating for over 30 years in the word of graphics and mailing.

Thanks to its on-going commitment to innovation, it opened the Packing Division in 2014, and today sells top-quality products for labelling and marking, including those with the brand name Herma, for industrial labelling machines, Evolabel for print & apply systems, and the brand names Linx, Norwix, HSA, Bestcode for variable data printing machines. In addition, Automation Address is present in the fume extraction sector with the Purex brand, a renowned market leader.

The company’s excellent sales ability, combined with impressive technical skills, makes Automation Address a benchmark for the Italian market as regards product quality, design capacity and the technical support provided to OEMs and end users




HERMA industrial labelling machines, up to 200 mt/min

The HERMA brand, with a history of over 110 years, is renowned for the high quality, reliability and precision of its products. Herma industrial labelling machines are built in Germany using the finest materials, earning the brand a top position in the sector. Thanks to its competent technical office, Automation Address can provide both standard and custom solutions, for the exclusive modular design of HERMA products, guaranteeing direct assistance and support throughout Italy. In addition, thanks to the excellent cover of the HERMA network, this assistance is extended worldwide.


Evolabel industrial Print & Apply systems.

Composed of a single unit and extremely modular. It’s possible to apply the label on the product in various positions with different (simple and interchangeable) applicators. The linear path of the label allows for roll changes in 20 seconds, making it simple and intuitive to use. Special safeguards are not required.


CO2 and LINX fiber laser markers

Among the first in the world to offer laser marking solutions, Linx offers the most complete range of 10 (even low cost), 30- 60 and 120W with wavelengths of 10.6-10.2 and 9.3 for CO2 and 20 - 50W fibre guarantee solutions on every material/application.


Purex smoke suction systems

Reference in the field of smoke aspiration for laser marking and engraving applications: special filters for every need, from 200 m3/h up to 5,000 m3/h.


NORWIX, the ink jet with HP technology

Benchmark in HP technology, from single head up to multiple combinations, over 200 mm. The ISP, suitable for stick packs. The only one to offer the “Lifetime Warranty”.


Cheaper for standard applications but now proven, reliable and widespread because of its low cost characteristics. Micron (basic version), the MiniKey and the MiniTouch.



BestCode 88XX: the top of the range, latest generation

All models are IP65, stainless steel. In line with Industry 4.0 standards, offers Ethernet 24 months warranty, simple and intuitive software, automatic print head cleaning system. It’s available a full range of inks, including Mek Free, pigmented and Foodgrade, withtop-up when running.

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