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DOUBLE E has been engineering and creating reliable and innovative solutions for the flexible packaging, since 1972, offering decades of experience to all industrial players in the industry.

DOUBLE E’s production strength is based on five factories, one of which is strategically positioned in the mechanical and packaging district of Vicenza - the Italian and European headquarters (DOUBLE E EUROPE SRL) and the Group’s center of excellence, specialized in the design and in the production of safety chucks, core chucks, and aluminum and steel air shafts.

With particular regards to H&S regulations, DOUBLE E has developed a wide range of electro-mechanical solutions, designed to handle reels and other heavy loads, and particular construction features, which allow to reduce the weight of some of the components that are usually handled by operators.

Every single product released to the market by DOUBLE E has been thoroughly designed, carefully crafted and factory tested. DOUBLE E: the ideal partner for OEMs and end-users.

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Air shafts, light & strong

Air shafts for reels unwinding and winding, DOUBLE E provides the lightest solutions currently available on the market - with bodies made from specific aluminum extrusions or carbon fiber - whilst guaranteeing very high performance in terms of load capacity and speed.

Each shaft is designed in response to specific application requirements and made to specs, using first choice materials.



The DOUBLE E’s range of hoisted and self-levelling manual roll turners allows you to lift and rotate reels weighing over 200kg, without energy consumption. Flexible, the universal arm can accommodate mandrels of different diameters and adapt to reels of various heights. The grip inside the core (made of cardboard, plastic or metal) allows you to handle reels of very delicate material. The self-expanding grippers guarantee a secure grip on the reel, in compliance with safety regulations. Ideal for loading/unloading a machine, or rotating reels in a fixed location.



The DOUBLE E’s range of light carts is available in numerous solutions, all in the name of maneuverability and robustness, making the ERH an indispensable ally in the handling of reels, both in the production departments and in the warehouse. In the reel turning version (see pic), the self-expanding mandrel - interchangeable with other sizes - guarantees a secure grip inside the core, preserving the material wrapped around it. The two-speed electronic drive allows you to lift reels up to 180kg. A range of heavy-duty trolleys is available, for heavier reels.

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