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High tech and reliability in a leading international group.

Leading company in the design and manufacture of printers for labeling, marking and automatic coding of industrial products, for over 40 years EIDOS benefits from a proprietary technology for the digital thermal transfer printing that prints variable data in real time.

EIDOS offers a comprehensive range of Print&Apply, TTO (Thermal print on packaging films) and Print-on-Product solutions, including some that are one-of-a-kind: systems designed and built to work immediately, simply, with excellent results and for a long time.

Since 2017 EIDOS is part of NOVEXX Solutions GmbH, within PID-POSSEHL Identification Solutions.

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Print & Apply systems

Printess is the modular Print&Apply system built for labeling in any situation. It comes with a truly vast range of applicators that is evolving continuously and offers high performance and an excellent price/ performance ratio. The Printess systems can be connected via ethernet, and ready for RFID labels.

Reduced maintenance and simplicity of use complete the profile of a machine with maximum uptime and life span.


Direct print on packaging film

Eidos collaborates directly with OEMs, leading to increasingly efficient products with a high degree of integration with packaging lines.

Swing MKII print system offers ribbon saving functions that enable max return on investment, while its design and construction guarantee excellent quality even in most extreme conditions, and the ease of cleaning of the Swing MKII makes it ideal for the food sector. Specialties like the double headed version also offer the possibility to print different texts in the same pass, thus improving line efficiency.xto eidos

With the new XTO (the first joint project of EIDOS and NOVEXX Solutions) a new era of thermal transfer overprinting begins. The entire machine is designed with the user in mind to make operation as simple and efficient as possible.

With improved ergonomics, an outstanding uptime, highly accurate print results at high speed, a modular concept for enhanced flexibility and the best price-performance ratio on the market the XTO is the perfect fit for almost any production line. What’s more, due to its standard size it is fully compatible with existing equipment.


Digital printing on objects

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rm is the ideal solution to efficiently print fixed and/or variable data on small batches of objects. Several Customers Worldwide have already chosen Coditherm for quality printing with variable data on a wide variety of items ranging from plastic security seals, plastic containers (both crates and larger bins) to round and flat brush handles industrial taps, electrical components, flat packing cases, automotive parts and many other products.

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