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Since 1946, Foppa Fustelle has been developing and constructing flatbed die cutters for the paper, cardboard and box-making industry in Italy, much appreciated by the market.

It created Serviform® Group, which for more than 75 years has been investing in the progress of the die-cutter manufacturing sector, paying particular attention to automation, precision and efficiency. In this way, the company is implementing the pioneering vision of its founder, whose intuition allowed him to grasp the market trends on the way and made Research & Development the pride of his business. 

Today, this long-established business in Caravaggio, headed by Franco Foppa Pedretti, remains one step ahead of the future, and boasts an absolute first in Italy: it’s the first Italian die-cutting manufacturer to earn BOBST certification.

BOBST CERTIFIED DIEMAKER certification guarantees close attention to quality, productivity and reliability, in terms of the production process and the die cutters, with performance that makes plants the most efficient on the Italian market: FoppaPRO plants are engineered to exploit the full potential of the die-cutter machine, boosting productivity, with a series of important, tangible advantages for the converters, such as a noticeable increase in the quality of the die-cut products and in company productivity.

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FoppaHPT is an extremely high-performance die-cutting plant intended for processing corrugated cardboard with two fundamental objectives: raising the speed of the die-cutting to a maximum - enhancing precision at the same time - and reducing start-up times to a minimum.

It’s an innovative system that generates significant advantages in terms of TCO (which includes die-cutter set-up, die-cutting speed, and the reduction of scraps): thanks to the greater volumes produced guaranteed by the high speed of operation and time savings obtained with the extremely quick set-up of the machine, the costs for each box produced is, in fact, significantly reduced, making it also possible to process a number of orders at the same time

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The superior quality of this plant is guaranteed by the use of selected components such as, for example, the multilayer plywood formed from an extra-resistant wood of a thickness of up to 18 mm, with control of the humidity level.

The expulsion rubbers are rigorously of premium quality, with a SUPER GRIP double-sided adhesive system and with a high memory capacity, while the steel used for the cutting threads and welds is specially created for the specific applications. These characteristics have been certified by BOBST and also ensure greater protection against early wear.

The production of a FoppaHPT plant follows a process which has been developed ad hoc and rigorously tested, approved and certified by BOBST, in all the documented production phases: assignment of the FoppaHPT protocol through the pre-engineering of the plant, its digital design, high-precision laser cutting and marking, assembly of the die and the plant’s individual accessories, measurement of dimensional parameters with high-resolution optical systems, automatic rubber coating with high-precision robots and control of final quality.

Finally, the purchase of this plant also incorporates a package of professional and personalised services that provide for the training of operators, consultancy in the design phase of the packaging and assistance in more complex start-ups.

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