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Imballaggi P.K. offers a line of label gumming machines for a vast range of application in the label sector (for small runs).

The machines can be used in a whole host of sectors: from food preserves to converting, from winemaking to chemicals. Imballaggi P.K. is distributor for Italy for the products of several companies: Better Packages Inc.® (USA), world leader in the production of dampening machines for gummed paper, the solution that definitively seals the carton making it tamper evident. P.K. also supplies normal and reinforced gummed paper, cut to measure and personalised.Hade - Heinrich Dornseifer KG (D), historic partner for over 40 years, produces manual and electric dispensers of pressure sensitive labels in various versions.

Another of the represented companies is Glue Dots™ International Ltd., that creates innovatory gluing systems for samples and for the lamination of materials. Imballaggi P.K. also offers many solutions in the technical field: self-amalgamating tapes silicone insulation, portable compressors silenced, machine to fill with paper, sta-plers and staples, adhesives, hot melt adhesive and melting.




Gluing devices for labels and governmant seals (State stamps)

For all gluing demands with cold glues in the EME series 5 models of manual or pedal gluing devices are available in versions of 180, even in INOX version, 230, 270 mm working width. These dispensers are ideal for the application of State stamps and small labels applied using cold glue. Easy to use and highly versatile, they are used in small series in the chemical, preserve and enological sectors.

EME 180N
EME 230 AN
carta gommata

Gummed paper and paper tape dispensers

With the gummed paper the sealing is guaranteed. The glue present on the paper in fact penetrates into the fibre of the board and becomes an integral part of the same. The system is irreplaceable when one has to guarantee tamper evidence during transport.This is a time honored system that is very popular today both where safety during transportation, as well as environ-mentally sustainable packaging are required (it can be recycled along with cardboard and is made from renewable resources, unlike traditional tape in plastic). The gummed paper is distributed with the special lever or electro-nic dampening devices. The range offered comprises one lever and as many as four electric models. The most innovative, BP555EMA can also come with an automatic box bench measurer, so as to always get the right length of strip and eliminate waste. Mod. BP754, with two adjustable measures and automatic programs, can also come with external impulse commanded for automatic applications..


Sticky label dispensers

P.K. offers practical dispensers for self-adhesive labels in three different ty-pes. The HD series of electrical dispensers peel off the labels from their backings one by one, offering them to the operator ready for application. SP and DISP are counter manual dispensers of various widths, capable of kee-ping work benches tidy.

The AP applicators, fitted with mechanical sensor, are ideal for directlylabeling on boxes, crates, even vertically. Handy and light, they regulate the label pitch with a mechanical sensor.


Glue Dots™, fully removable

Made up of removable “pressure sensitive” glue dots 9 or 12 mm across, practically dispenser boxes with either a hand (Dot Shot Pro) or electric (Econodot) applicator, the Gluedots™ are available in various gluing levels to satisfy the different needs for removability or permanence on the various surfaces. Suited for the application of card, samples, labels when the removal of the same does not cause damage to the substrate. Special formats are made on demand. A line of products for hobby and stationery. All Gluedots™ products are FDA, Rhos and Reach certified.

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