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Every company has its strongpoint. Sisma Srl’s is to consider the professionalism, reliability and constant attention to the quality of services offered as the heart of its business.azienda1

Founded in 1990 by Comm. Salvatore Sangermano, already in the first five years of activity Sisma won a name for itself in the areas of marking and coding. This is also thanks to their exclusive representation in Italy of Allen Coding (UK), an agreement that has enabled Sisma to count important Italian ma nufacturers of automatic machines among its customers.

In subsequent years, Sisma Srl became exclusive distributor for Italy for the markers of the German company Paul Leibinger CIJ. It thus counts as an Italian concern capable of offering machines of the highest level.



Jet2 Neo

jet2This inkjet coder for printing alphanumeric data in small characters, an ideal solution in terms of quality/price ratio. It operates at up to 2100 characters/s, at a speed of up to 270 m/min and using 26 graphics that can be adapted to the customer’s needs.Equipped with a stainless steel printing head, it prints in all directions (horizontal/vertical, high/low). An alarm signals low ink and solvent, ready to print and print completion. It makes a suitable solution for daily marking on different materials, products and packaging, even with limited space. It is REACH and ROHS compliant to protect the environment and health & safety. It is also available in EP version, specific for egg marking. It is also available in the S version for high speeds, as well as EP for egg marking and can be interfaced directly with DIAMOND and MOBA sorters. All versions come with a native Ethernet port and VNC software for remote control as standard.


Jet3 UP

This solution, suitable for electrical cables as well as other product types and equipped with Ethernet and touch screen graphics, represents the top of the CIJ market. It operates at up to 600 m/min and features a simplified user interface, a “solving saving” mode to eliminate solvent waste during machine stops, remote access via VNC for running the machine directly from a tablet or smartphone, and an auto-start function. Leibinger’s hydraulic system has been developed in order to enable working with colored inks, lightly pigmented inks, pigmented whites, foodsafe inks, MEK-free inks and special inks for various applications. It is available in IP65 (Pro) version and for micro-writing (Mi).


Jet3 Rapid

The super-fast version of Leibinger was born for the cable industry and is able to exceed 1000m/min in terms of printing speed; it has a specific range of inks that allow it to mark the most difficult materials ensuring maximum hold and reliability.


sisma abmark

New partner of SIS.MA srl, ABMARK is one of the global leaders in industrial laser marking solutions, with one of the most complete product offerings on the global market. The great attention to detail, precision and quality guarantee the highest production standards.

ABMARK’s portfolio of offerings includes state-of-the-art laser markers suitable for all applications: CO2, fiber optics, hybrid DPSS, UV & Green all available in different configurations, also depending on the required power. The range also includes “all-inone” versions that offer laser body and management electronics in a single chassis.

  • Fiber Lasers (AB-F Series) - 10/20/30/50/100W (Std & MOPA)
    Marking on Aluminum, Plastic, Steel, Titanium, Marble/Rock Materials
  • Co2 Laser (AB-C Series) 10/30/50/80/100W (also Plotter)
    Marking on Painted/Anodized Aluminum, Paper/Cardboard, Wood, Glass, Textile/Leather Material
  • UV/Green Laser (AB-D Series) 6/10/20W and DPSS (AB-N Series) 6/10W
    Marking on Plastic, Titanium, Aluminum, Steel, Marble/Rock Materials

Finally, the real flagship of the ABMARK proposal, the powerful management software “AbMarca” that also includes a powerful trace tool to convert bitmap images into vector graphics as well as the ability to integrate the management of laser markers within the company network by communicating directly with ERP and management and saving on cloud production data in full compatibility with the paradigms of Industry 4.0.



NG Series

Thermal transfer printers models specifically designed for easy use in de-manding production environments and especially in the chemical, agricultu-ral and hardware sectors. 2”, 4”, 6” and 8” flexible printing of packaging ma-terials on packaging and labeling machines.



The TT family of XL series focuses decisively on versatility, ease of use and excellent value for money. Performance and characteristics: height of 5 mm print (450 prints/min.); ribbon distance 800 m; up to 12 character fonts (True Type); all barcode standards including DataBar and DataMatrix; Standard issue Ethernet, USB and RS232 ports.


Ideal for use with all machines that require multiple prints, including multiple lane thermoforming and sachet filling machines. It also features a programmable integrated device for saving tape, handheld independent programming via operating system and optional print design software for PC.


Hot foil


This is a hot encoder with a max print area of 50x30 mm, print speeds of up to 800 prints per minute at maximum print area. Power 785N/4 Bar. Hot encoder which is well suited for use in many manufacturing sectors (food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic industries, etc.). It is able to reproduce a constant high print quality at high speeds on many types of substrates. It can be used as a standalone or integrated with existing production lines.

Hi-Res Inkjet Diagraph IJ4000


This system was designed considering 4 specific aspects: a CUSTOMER-FOCUSED Design, Industry-Leading PRINT CONSISTENCY, Industry-Leading LOW MAINTENANCE, Industry-Leading DU-RABILITY. The availability of both 50mm and 100mm printheads allows users to print images up to 40% taller than other systems. This generates significant cost savings as fewer printheads are required to cover the desired print surface and provides users with the flexibility to add additional lines of print or larger graphics.

The 26cm colour touch screen controller (HMI) is intuitive and easy to use via large graphic icons. A Smart Connection Hub with industry leading net-working capabilities allows the system to control multiple production lines from remote locations.

diagraph 1

The HMI can be placed as far as 100 meters away from the printer when connected via Ethernet and an unlimited distance when connected through a network, giving users flexibility to select which operational configuration best meets their needs. A single Diagraph IJ4000 HMI can control as many as four printheads on two completely independent packaging lines.

Diagraph’s Platinum E-Series Print & Apply automated labeling systems feature industry-leading smart technology that use sensors to reduce label application complications, ensuring a one-to-one label-product match. As the leading all-electric servo driven label printer/applicator on the market, this pressure sensitive labeling system enables manufacturers to completely replace conventional pneumatic systems with a fully electric option that controls the label with pinpoint accuracy in side, top, bottom and corner-wrap applications throughout travel.

diagraph alp

The smart, all-electric design allows for automated real-time adjustments, making applying labels on products with varying heights, distances, and speeds easier than ever before.

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