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Goglio S.p.A is one of the world’s leading companies in flexible packaging.

Founded in 1850, the Group designs, develops and manufactures complete packaging lines, offering flexible laminates, plastic accessories and service for the most diverse packaging needs, finding applications in numerous industrial sectors: coffee, food&beverage, chemical, cosmetics, detergents and pet foods.

Goglio, which in 2021 achieved a value of production of 395 million euros, employs around 1,800 workers globally with production plants in Italy, Netherlands, the United States and China, and sales offices located in various European countries, in South America and in Asia. The heart of Goglio’s offer is Fres-co System®, the integrated packaging system designed for offering the customer turnkey solutions: not only laminates and packaging machines, but also service and technical assistance in every phase of the product’s life, representing a guarantee of efficiency thanks to Industry 4.0 solutions.

The flexible solutions offered by Goglio are characterised by clear advantages in terms of practicality and sustainability and permit the transport of a larger quantity of product thanks to a smaller size and weight compared to traditional forms of packaging.

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GOGLIO linea G14
Linea G14

The technology of the G14 CK with the new IIOT MIND platform

The innovative G14 CK is a reel-start packaging line optimal for dry, powdered products or products in pieces which allows for the packaging of 1 kg bags of coffee beans in fully “suitable for recycling” mono-material packs in 100% polyethylene.

The line also allows Goglio’s one-way degassing valve to be applied to the packs and can be connected to the Industrial Internet of Things Goglio MIND remote monitoring system, the latest release of which was announced in 2023. MIND allows to collect and process machine data according to the highest security standards and to provide the necessary information for proper system operation, including predictive maintenance. Moreover, with the new Fres-co SYSTEM®+, which provides direct connection between materials and the packaging line, a code uniquely identifies the laminate, and reading this code allows all the specific information to be displayed on the machine and on MIND.

In this way it is possible, for example, to adjust production parameters according to the type of laminate, associate its characteristics to line performance as well as gather information to optimize material formulation with a view to continuous improvement.

The new GNOVA SK and Pillow UP®: innovations for the liquid sector

The latest version of the GNova SK, featuring a new modular design and superior performance, is a technologically advanced automatic packaging line, ideal for products that require a sterilization process and low residual oxygen in the package.

The system, which is suitable for solid foods with liquid, allows for customized dosing for both the solid and liquid parts, creating the ideal combination for every need, and for processing different types of products. The machine guarantees continuous production thanks to the simple management of pouch infeed, box change and format change. Indeed, it is possible to pack different formats in the same machine (stand-up pouch, flat pouch and Pillow UP®).

The Pillow UP® pack (ideal for liquid foods, particularly tomato pulps and concentrates, traditional and tropical fruits, but also available for detergents in “suitable for recycling” mono-material), thanks to its specific design, stands out for its great versatility: in fact, it can be placed flat or put on a surface in an upright position, with clear advantages in terms of space and handling compared to other traditional packaging solutions.

GNova SK new small
GNova SK new small
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