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Labelpack has been operating in the automatic labelling sector for over thirty years and stands out for the quality and longevity of the machines made, as well as for the attention paid to customer needs.

Thanks to the wide range of customized and customizable solutions, Labelpack occupies a prominent place in the market, but does not rest on its laurels and is constantly looking for innovation: the desire for improvement and modernity is the driver for designing cutting-edge technologies in the industrial labelling field.

The clear business vision supported by solid corporate values reflects the ongoing commitment towards customers and the attention towards environmental sustainability, with a focus on safety and new technologies.

Aimed at various industrial sectors, (food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical automotive…), the solutions proposed - standard and customised - range from label dispensers and applicators to printing and application systems for identification, and as far as arriving at the most evolved automated systems.

Printers, separators, software for the creation and printing of labels, besides a wide choice of labels, tapes, heads and spare parts complete the company’s offer.

Thanks to its know-how and attention to service, Labelpack has established successful partnerships with national and international brands and is always looking for new partners.

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Labelling machines.

Labelpack has put together a wide range of high-quality labelling machines, which meet specific needs in different industrial sectors, on the basis of which it is possible to customize various functions.

All the models are designed to apply labels in a precise and efficient way, on many products: with numerous configuration options, they can handle different label formats, adapting to both small and large productions.

Labelx ES
Labelx ES

Print and apply.

Labelpack develops advanced print&apply labelling systems able to improve the management of the labelling process, reducing errors and contributing to optimising production and stock management.

All the devices offered integrate high-quality printers with precise application mechanisms, allowing for a rapid and correct application of the labels on a wide range of products. They are ideal for companies with complex labelling needs in sectors that require the indication of variable information, such as eat-by-date or barcodes.

Their versatility makes them suitable for numerous industries, guaranteeing quality labels that comply with regulations. Although there is a wide range of models and options available, it is also possible to create tailor-made solutions to meet more specific requirements.

Panda AC
Panda AC


Designed for the efficient and accurate application of labels on products in various industrial sectors, Labelpack’s labelling systems integrate advanced technologies to guarantee high-quality and prevision marking. They can be configured to apply labels on containers of varying sizes and shapes, adapting to customers’ specific needs. Appreciated for their reliability and versatility, these systems are regularly used in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics industry, as well as many other fields in which accurate labelling is essential for guaranteeing the traceability of products and compliance with regulations.

Tailored solutions are able to meet customers’ specific needs, making it possible to automate and optimise the labelling process.

Compact C-WRAP
Compact C-WRAP
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