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Working for an ever-evolving world of packaging. Founded in 1980 by the Raccioppoli family, over the years Nuova Erreplast has undergone development and evolution to such an extent as to transform the initially small family-run business into an industrial excellence. The growth path marked by important milestones has led Nuova Erreplast to become a national point of reference in the production of integrated packaging solutions, designed for a continuously evolving market. And it embraces increasingly “green” stimuli from the market, listening to consumers, constantly updating according to reference regulations for the sector in order to combine innovation and sustainability and applying the “Recycle, Reduce & Reuse” philosophy.

Nuova Erreplast’s sustainability choices involve the entire packaging production process, from conception to disposal. On this basis, the company is able to offer the market the following productions:

  • single and multilayer packaging in BOPP, CPP, PET, PE and PA;
  • paper/plastic packaging (with certificate of recyclability for paper) with and without windows;
  • compostable biodegradable packaging (with certificate of recyclability);
  • doypack bags;
  • recyclable mono-material packaging (with certificate of recyclability).


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Growth strategies, production ad group vision

The NE family has expanded with new members in the last three years, with the objective of extending the global offer and moving towards the ultimate goal of a complete service, from the conception of the design to the completion of the industrial cycle.

The different production entities operating today in NEP are Packingraf, Print & Packaging and RDM Pack. Specifically, the most recent acquisition (2022) of Print and Packaging Srl – which transforms thin aluminium foil intended for food packaging and offers lacquering, rotogravure printing, lamination, embossing and cutting processes – has taken on strategic importance from both a commercial and geographical perspective: the factory situated in the province of Novara has, in fact, enabled access to and operation in new market areas.


After the addition to the group of Packingraf Srl group (Marcianise, CE), the paper manufacturing company specialized in the production of cardboard boxes, and RDM Pack Srl, which markets big bags and other materials for packaging food products, the acquisition of Print and Packaging has proved to be synergistic with the NEP group’s business vision, clearly shaping the future of industrial activities.

From a technological point of view, NEP, which traditionally offers offset and flexo printers, is today also able to handle rotogravure and digital printing technology and develop complete packaging solutions both for primary and secondary packaging in all the three main reference areas (plastic, paper, aluminium), which account for over 75% of solid packaging.

Finally, analysing the “products/markets/technologies” matrix, it emerges that the three businesses are distinct but complementary production entities:

  • for the reference packaging products manufactured (plastic film, paper and aluminium);
  • for the processing methods (reel production in NEP and Print and Packaging, flatbed in Packingraf);
  • for printing technologies (flexography in NEP, offset in Packingraf, rotogravure in Print and Packaging).

The management of the three units under a single direction supports the prospects of further growth from a qualitative, logistical and commercial point of view.

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