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Over 40 years of reliability. Founded in 1980 by Crescenzo Raccioppoli, Nuova Erreplast has experienced a development and growth over the years that has transformed the small family company at its beginnings into an industrial excellence of Southern Italy.

Today, the company is led by Domenico Raccioppoli, a young manager with an entrepreneurial vision marked by research and innovation, allowing for the creation of a hi-tech factory in the Industrial Area of Marcianise (CE), where around 80 people work.

The path of growth marked by important milestones has led Nuova Erreplast to become a point of reference at national level in the production of integrated sustainable packaging solutions. It’s no coincidence, therefore, that the company’s point of strength is the “Research & Development” area, in which a team of experts, constantly updated on the reference regulations of the sector, is able to combine innovation and sustainability while always being a step ahead with respect to the “3Rs philosophy”: Recycle, Reduce & Reuse.

An expanding business.

In the last two years, Nuova Erreplast has expanded its offer, both acquiring new companies and creating synergies with top level partners, in the medical sector and in the production of energy from renewable sources, as well as in the food packaging sector. The new productive enterprises that revolve around its orbit are Big Plast, Hydronep, Med Pack, Packingraf, Print & Packaging and RDM Pack.




Nuova Erreplast’s green choices involve the entire packaging production process, from creation to disposal.


On the basis of these assumptions, the company is able to offer the market the following productions: single and multi-layer packaging in BOPP, CPP, PET, PE and PA; packaging in paper and plastic (with certificate of paper recycling), windowed and not; compostable biodegradable packaging (with certificate of recyclability); production 3 side-seal doypack and shopping bags for retail; recyclable mono-material packaging (with certificate of recyclability).


 Besides research into, and the production of, green packaging, Nuova Erreplast is investing significant resources to improve its environmental performance and to disseminate a sustainability culture at various levels.

In this regard, the company has set itself five goals for the future: reduce emissions by 25% by 2025; achieve complete energy self-sufficiency through self-produced hydrogen; re-input polyester into the production cycle; work in total transparency and in compliance with the law; monitor business progress in order to be in line with the 2030 Agenda.

“Super-Sustainable. The extraordinary power of recycling!"

i super sostenibili

Precisely with the intention of fostering environmental sustainability in future generations, Nuova Erreplast promotes an interesting educational activity in primary schools in the Campania region, stimulating the active involvement of the children with playful activities that introduce good practices with respect to sorted waste collection, and the reuse and reduction of waste.

The purpose of the initiative is to overcome stereotypes about the concept of “waste”, which is considered dangerous, ugly, dirty and to be eliminated, providing, instead, indications on the functioning of sorted waste collection and on the importance of reuse and recycling. Particular attention is also paid to plastic, about which the children will discover the surprising and unexpected “second life” possibilities after a correct treatment.

i super sostenibili
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