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Manufacturers of materials, machines and components are listed alphabetically to make it easier to locate suppliers.

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Starting with the two FOOD/NON FOOD macro categories, companies on the database indicate the predominant target sector for their products / machines / services.

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A well-selected commodity index of the industry - subdivided into Sections, Categories, Sub-Categories and Products - facilitates the search for suppliers capable of meeting a wide variety of process and packaging needs.

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Keywords, descriptive of companies' characteristic offerings, provide an additional way to access the information collected in the database.

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In the spotlight

  • Established in 1966,  Ronchi Mario SpA is specialised in the construction of packing lines for liquid products. 
  • Tetra Pak is the global leader in solutions for food treatment and packaging. It has been committed for over 70 years to guaranteeing the safety and…
  • ALTECH - Advanced Labelling Technologies - is a leading European manufacturer of self-adhesive labelling systems for decorating, codifying and…
  • Historic company based in the province of Piacenza, Laminati Cavanna is the contracting partner of important national and international paper…
  • Amarc produces cast aluminum or bronze heating. Used as component of the hot part of packaging machines (forming - filling - closing (HFFS and VFFS)…
  • Verimec has been present in Italy since 1985 and is part of Massilly group, European leader in the tinplate packaging sector, in particular for the…
  • Since 1946, Foppa Fustelle has been developing and constructing flatbed die cutters for the paper, cardboard and box-making industry in Italy, much…
  • With more than 50 years of activity, Famar Tec is a leader in the design and construction of automatic machines for primary and secondary packaging…
  • D.C.M. Srl is the ideal partner for companies in the packaging sector, with a technologically innovative offer that includes solutions adapted to…

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